Fine Art Prints

As an art patron who loves living with art, you keep an eye out for original, high-quality artwork to create your beautiful space.

For Vijay

But when you find artwork online, even if it inspires you and makes you think, you might still wonder: is this piece really a good fit for me? Is it well-made, and will it be worth my investment?

Cortona landscape photo print installed

As an artist, I know theres no better feeling than seeing my prints and photographs find homes with wonderful patrons. As a teacher, I understand that guidance and support, not condescension, deepen your experience of art.

cinquantadue installed

How To Order

I invite you to check out my prints and photographs, all inspired by my time in Cortona, Italy.

  • Each artwork’s description relates my ideas about the work, how I made it, and specific details about its physical format. I can answer any other questions you may have directly — just use the CONTACT ME link to get in touch.
  • Then place your order using this Shopify store. Ill commission your artwork from a professional printing lab, and they'll ship it directly to you in made-to-measure protective packaging.
  • Before your print arrives, Ill send you some guidelines for hanging the work based on my professional experience installing pictures in homes and exhibitions. Youll also receive a statement of authenticity certifying your artwork.

In these uncertain times, your spaces have changed, and your home may now be your office, school, and cultural center. I help you choose beauty for your space, and make it easy to add to your collection. 

Follow this link to buy available prints. 

Cortona 2.24.2021

About Me

I'm an artist who makes paintings, digital photographs, and digital artwork. I've made art professionally for over twenty-five years, and taught art and design for nearly twenty years. 

Mark Taggart

I am fortunate to live in Italy, a place that encourages picture-making. Its distinctive, visually rich environment provides complex layers of forms, shapes and colors. I see beauty in that complexity, and share it in compelling photographs and abstract compositions.

In the past year I’ve introduced generative techniques into my pictures, using both hand-drawn shapes and the Processing graphics library to further explore the beauty of complexity and uncertainty.

You can learn more about me and explore more of my artwork at