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Solar is a 12-inch by 12-inch laser-exposed photo print mounted on aluminum backing under GLOSSY acrylic glass.


Do you have questions about this artwork? Follow this link to CONTACT ME and I'll help you decide if this print is a good fit for your space before you order.


Do you think shapes can be beautiful on their own, without being part of something familiar? Can color and value alone generate beauty?

I set out to address formal questions like those in my Fugues series, improvised digital compositions made with interlocking layers of color shapes. Solar began as tinkering with Ethan Schoonover’s terrific Solarized color scheme, and ended up as an homage to the absolute greatest code editing palette of all time. 🤓

Solar is a 16-inch by 9-inch laser-exposed photo print mounted on aluminum backing under MATTE acrylic glass. It arrives ready to hang — no additional framing is needed. Follow this link to read more technical details about the print and its format.

My MT signature icon is printed in the lower right corner, along with the edition year and number. I’ll send you a statement of authenticity certifying the print, and a digital copy of the picture sized for use as a wallpaper image on your tablet or smartphone.


U.S. shipping for Solar is included in its price. Your print will ship directly from the print lab in made-to-measure packaging, and arrive in 2-3 weeks. I do not offer express or international shipping. Follow this link for full shipping and returns details.